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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude Test
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Canadian Dental Admission Aptitude TestFREE ($9.95 Value) SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER !! Order today and receive the comprehensive
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Only  $59.95


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Some of our customers have emailed us and told us what they think of TopScore ProŽ software.   We welcome your feedback too!

"I wrote you just to let you guys know how well I did on the DAT yesterday.  I got a 21 overall and a 19 on the PAT.  I feel your CD helped me achieve my goals.  Your software is fantastic.  Thank you."

[Joel, Atlanta, GA]

"Dear ScholarWare,

I just finished taking the DAT on computer.   As I sat through the test, I was very pleased that I had used TopScore Pro.   The actual DAT seemed so familiar.  I was amazed how accurate and thorough your tests were and how TopScore Pro prepared me for the computerized DAT.

I was glad I had practiced your Reading Comprehension sections also. 

Thanks a lot!"
[M. Johnston, San Jose, CA]

"Hey ScholarWare,

I just got out of the DAT and I can't believe it!   Your product is just like it.  The questions weren't EXACTLY the same, but I guess if they were, that would have been too good to be true!  Your Perceptual Ability section was cool.  Lots of practice helped.

Great product!
[T. Fowler, Las Vegas, NV]

"Best $50 bucks I ever spent...Awesome....I didn't have to fumble with the computer during the actual DAT, TopScore Pro was just like the test....great questions, great product..."
[A. White, Pre-Dental Student, South Dakota]

Thank you so much for giving as another activation key. I got it to work this time and I am truly grateful for you patience with me. You have been a very wonderful and understanding company to work with and both me and my husband really appreciate it.
Thank you again,

Thank you so much for your prompt response! What an impressive support group you have at Scholar Ware! I can't wait to see what the product is like. Thanks, again!

I would just like to say thank you for the quick technical support I received and with your help with allowing me to get your software so quickly in time for me to practice for my exam. I only had it for one week before I had to write the Canadian dat this past Saturday on the 21st, but I believe it was invaluable. I was particularly impressed with the PAT questions, they were great, the closest out of anything else that I practiced to the way the questions actually were on the exam. Nice product, thank you very much.
[T. Grant]

Well, I must thank your entire company.  I took the DAT this last week, and scored a 25 academic average, 26 science average, 21 PAT.  I must say that your practice examinations helped me considerably in studying for the DAT, and that they accurately reflect the actual test.  In fact, I think that some of your sections and questions were even harder.  I felt like the DAT was the easiest practice test I took.

Thank you Scholarware,

[J. H.]
Future Dentist


Thank you for all your help with getting my CD-rom to work. I took the DAT, and the CD helped so much. Thank you again!